I have ventured into the depths…

Art by Adam “Forange” Törn

What do you mean I never leave the house?

I have been to more places than you can ever imagine!

I have walked the plains of Mulgore. Prayed at Stormwind’s chapel. Slept under Darnassus trees. Explored Stranglethorn’s Valley. Cleansed the Plague Lands. Rode Griffins and even Manticores.

I have ventured into the depths of Blackrock Mountain. Fought the Scarlet Crusade. Defeated the Scourge. Slayed Onyxya and Nefarian. Partied in front of the gates of Orgrimmar as we displayed their heads to the world. And when I stepped into the Outlands, I WAS PREPARED!

So what do you mean I never…

The hugely successful online gacha game could become a template for other developers to replicate in future

Before Genshin Impact, no one really believed that a gacha game could ever achieve such a level of success on the PC and console market. The console and PC communities, in general, had the perception that gachas were simply predatory games devoid of gameplay content. Genshin Impact releases and those perceptions are shattered. So how did this particular game, managed to achieve that? And why is it such a dangerous precedent for the online gaming scene?

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From great stories to interesting game mechanics, these are some titles worth following.

Over the past few years, Indie developers have created some really amazing games — Stardew Valley, Cuphead, Hades, Bastion, etc … — every year new interesting projects are announced on Kickstarter, this platform has become one of the main ways for Indie developers to cover the development costs.

At the moment there are some very interesting projects — that achieved their funding goals — I think are worth following so ill be sharing my overall thoughts on them here.


Click the circles to the beat!

Osu! is a big online free-to-play rhythm game and most likely, one you’ve never heard of. The game has been around for 12 years already and yet, it's a game you don't really hear much about even though it now has a huge growing community. There are two main reasons for this: first, it's a rhythm game. When you think of this kind of game, the titles that usually come to mind are Guitar Hero or Beat Saber.

This obscurity is actually surprising, because Osu!

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A good example of how much power some companies have over the content on the internet.

On February 28th of 2021 (March 1st in South Korea), Kakao M removed every song they had distributed on Spotify in a single “Snap” purging a huge amount of Kpop songs they hold ownership of. This left Spotify users worldwide unable to stream music by any artist signed with Kakao M.

A look into how this affects videogame innovation

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The big gaming industry you know today is no longer the same it was in the past. Long gone are the days most companies were trying to innovate in hopes of creating something new and fresh to appeal to their consumers. This doesn't mean efforts to innovate have disappeared, it just means it's no longer the number one priority.

Let’s be real, the big gaming companies' main concern is to generate revenue. The main goal is to get to the consumer wallet, anything else is a byproduct of this goal.

This doesn't mean the talented people who work in these…

In an industry filled with fast-paced action games, it's nice sometimes to just relax a bit and take care of some chicken.

Stardew Valley truly is a success story in the indie industry, with over 10 million copies sold worldwide, it still manages to remain relevant five years after its release. So how is this indie game able to accomplish this? Here are five reasons why Stardew valley is able to stand the test of time.


“Dinner’s READY!”

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If you are a gamer this is something most likely you can relate to. At some point in time, someone is sure to have said one of these things to you or even all of them. It doesn't matter if you are young or old if someone says this to you it’s impossible not to feel annoyed.

1.Videogames are for kids

Every gamer has that one family member that eventually says “Aren’t you a bit too old to play videogames?”, it's so annoying to hear because it's not true.

The videogame industry is one of the largest in the world catering to many different…

Genshin Impact stands out thanks to its high quality and attention to detail

Genshin Impact, a free-to-play (F2P) action-adventure RPG has left its mark on the gaming industry with its unique RPG system and sprawling world for players to explore. You can explore the world of Teyvat, interact with an array of unique characters, and engage in fun, exhilarating combat. This game has more than proven that it can hold its own. But what makes Genshin Impact a game that stands out against its competitors is its design and great care for detail in developing this fun-filled game.

Mihoyo, the company behind Genshin Impact, is focused on creating games for the otaku community…

PVE survival done right

Valheim is a Viking-themed survival RPG created by Iron Gate Studio that's currently in early access. Unlike other titles such as ARK or Conan Exiles (which are very PvP-oriented), Valheim chooses to focus mainly on the PvE side of survival, and it does a very good job at it.

While Valheim is not the first survival game focused on PvE (Don't Starve is a good example), its different approach to the progression flow and core mechanics of the genre is a gamble that successfully sets it apart from the other games in the genre.


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